Email marketing.

Send and track email campaigns right within Clockwork CRM.

Send templates.

Once you've created your marketing template using the template editor, that's when you can start sending them to your contact list.

Send stencils.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer a more simple email, you can create email stencils which might be more beneficial if you're trying to make it that extra-bit personal.

Merge fields.

Clockwork CRM comes with tonnes of merge fields already defined. You can also create them yourself for any contact properties you've added, plus you can pick the replacement strategy to use.

Mailing lists.

Create static or dynamic mailing lists using search, contact exports or detailed contact search codes. Dynamic mailing lists can be created at runtime, meaning they are generated from an assortment of parameters you have defined.

Email tracking.

See who and when your contacts opened your email, as well as total link interactions. Analyze your email further, by looking at stats for each user, to find out which links they've clicked.

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