Get tasks done without being involved, simple.

Select a trigger.

Pick an app, it could be using a case, a contact or sales record. You have many triggers to choose from on each app.

While creating the trigger, you'll have the option to define a search query on it using our advanced search tool.

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Run on a schedule.

If you don't fancy picking a trigger, you can set the automation to run on a schedule, setting the days of the week and a time.

You're also able to run a trigger on a schedule too, for example "send me a report of contacts with a specific tag every Monday at 9am".

Choose some actions.

Add one or more action to run when the trigger condition is successfully met. You could send an email, add a tag, update a field, send a web request and more. There are plenty of options to get you started.


Check the run logs of your automations with our easy to use interface, if an automation didn't run - this is where you'll find the problem.


Our plugin system gives you the ability to expand automations further, add extra triggers or actions to your plugin and make Clockwork CRM even more powerful.

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