Email client.

Our custom built email client in the browser, built into Clockwork CRM.

Email client.

Easily send & receive emails, utilising your email stencils or templates to quickly send an email in a few clicks. You're also able to manage multiple email accounts from within Clockwork CRM.

Unlimited email accounts.

Add as many email accounts as you need, it's quick and easy to add an email account using Microsoft single sign-on. You're also able to add an email signature to each account too.

Automatic linking.

Automatically link your incoming emails to your contacts, you won't have to do a thing! No forwarding on your emails to a specific address, just sit back and let Clockwork CRM work it's magic.

Email rulesets.

Create rich and dynamic rulesets to automatically send your emails to the correct folder. You also have the option to manually run the rules against any folder too.

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